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Jarvis (Official) 

Techno DJ - Producer - Label Owner 



Techno Dj.

Born to a family of rockers in Maragte ... The blessing of Kraftwerk and New order changed my direction forever.. House and Acid House in the late 80s sporned a deeper commitment to the electronic music scene and the Rave years we're very welcome... some 35 years later and the passion remains..

  I have been seriously Djing for 25 of those years and the my production is now starting to take shape ... 


Jon Hodgson

The Abyss is a weekly dance show hosted by Jon Hodgson which is dedicated to the latest pre-releases, white-labels and emergent previews in underground electronic dance music.

Starting in commercial clubs and venues decades ago Jon now avoids chart music with exception to cross-over tracks from the darker side of releases.  His selections are defined more by energy than by genre so his sets often encompass a wide-variety and create a musical journey.


Dan Whitelock Jones

Dan Whtielock-Jones is a Liverpool based tech with many years experience in the world of sound systems, amplification and studio repair, Out of the workshop and stepping up to bring his own unique mixing style to the latest Drum and Bass offerings from new and old names within the scene.



Born in Poland, now living in Corby UK. Always been passionate about music in all of its aspects, never been fixated on one type. I grew up listening to AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, etc. In the early teens fell in love with trance and techno and it all kind of escalated from there.

I learned to mix at the age of 15 and kept practicing at home on a PC. I started playing in clubs when I went to uni. Focusing my sets on different types of house music. I always enjoyed playing different genres and different media. I like the challenge of mixing vinyl with digital. My motto is to never limit myself to just one genre or one type of kit to play on.

I have been DJing for 20 years now and never feel bored with it. I like my mixes to have a beginning, middle, and end and have a good energy transition in them.

Deacon Brodie arm and records.jpg

Deacon Brodie

Deacon Brodie is North East based Techno DJ. He has been dj'ing for over twenty years, playing various clubs and bars primarily in the north east of the uk. He worked in commercial radio for the best part of 15 years producing imaging and items for on air use, and has produced various shows including talk shows, chart shows,breakfast shows and more importantly dance shows. He has played across regions and across networks spanning thousands of people. While his music tastes and names have shifted throughout the years one thing has remained constant, his love of techno. Exploring the genre The Deacon always lands on the darker side, with often twisted and strangley dark techno. He has played on various internet based stations for many years including various podcasts and techno only based stations  His show is about new music each week, alongside classics, guest mixes and special editions. Be part of it!

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